established in 2015

Hi Friend,

Thank you for visiting our site and wanting to get more information about "us"! The dream of SVB started many years ago in a small apartment in the heart of Atlanta, GA. With a lot of encouragement and PRAYER from family and friends, I decided to launch an Online Boutique named after my daughter. We had one goal, to create an online shopping experience where all women would feel accepted and know their true worth. Our mission has always been to empower ladies across the globe; and what better way to do that than with clothing, handwritten notes, and prayer.

Our customers became our friends, and as we grew we noticed that our little store was moving into an exciting new direction. Our customers began hosting "at-home" parties, those parties turned into fundraising events, and we started seeing something major happening! We positioned ourselves alongside Churches and Organizations with our same vision, and noticed that together we could make even more of an impact on the world and women around us. 

FOR OUR LONG TIME CUSTOMERS: Our online store will now support the many conferences that we partner with. You will now be able to purchase all of the merchandise that we feature at our home-parties and events ONLINE! And what's even greater, a portion of your purchase will go towards helping to sponsor the many events that give back to our communities!

FOR OUR NEW CUSTOMERS AND PARTNERS: We are so excited to get to know you! We want to see your organization grow. We want to help you reach your goals. And we have an entire team dedicated to working alongside you to ensure that happens!

We look forward to working with you, serving you, and continuing to blaze some trails!


Gaby and the Saylah V. Boutiques Team